I am just a music lover! I love music. lt’s a part of my days and l can’t go a day without it. I justcan’t, The blog is a means to share with all of you my passion for music and to be able to sharenew acts with you.

The blog focuses on positivity and love for the music. lt’s not a pretentious, super-picky blogabout music. I am not a technical music reviewer that provides an in-depth and supertechnical analysis of a song. That’s not the purpose of this blog.

I just want to share the music I like with all of you and also be able to help out new artists to geta platform to reach a bigger audience.

On Caesar live N Loud you’ll get a lot of music videos, new music, artworks, track listings, tourdates, live performances, interviews, and more. I try to keep things short and go straight to thepoint so you get why l like a song and be able to listen to it and form your own opinion.

If any of you would like to collaborate, drop me a mail admin@aesarlivenloud.com. I am looking forward to work with peoplewho want to share their love for music…