A Conversation with FØNX

A Conversation with FØNX

Hello all! Welcome back! It’s interview time again! Recently, Pop-RnB singer-songwriter and producer FONX released his brand new single Can’t Get Enough which I was absolutely smitten by (cheesy pun intended!). Drawing influence from artists such as Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, D’Angelo John Mayer and Tame Impala amongst many others (trains, buses and coffee shops where he would write). Since then he has played shows across London increasing his profile while building his fan base – let’s learn a bit more!

CLNL: I love Can’t Get Enough and would like to know more about its creation process and any sources of inspiration behind this track.
FONX: Thank you so much, that’s really great to hear! Yes, the initial story and lyrics came about after spending an evening out in Brighton with one of my closest friends who shared his tale of having recently experienced 20 hours straight of hallucinations-induced hallucinations! As soon as that night ended I went home thinking about his story in my mind and feeling inspired to write something.
Can’t Get Enough’ was inspired by an unplanned story and theme-match, at that moment when writing something. That is how its foundation began.

CLNL: Tell me about working with Tommaso Colliva; have you worked together on any new songs?
FONX: Working with Tommaso was truly enjoyable! Since I usually write and produce demos alone at home, it was incredible working with someone with his experience on my songs. We produced four tracks altogether; Hit Me Hard was my debut release with Tommaso while Can’t Get Enough is our most recent collaboration! More tracks should still follow!

CLNL: What was your most enjoyable song to write and why?
FONX: My most enjoyable experience writing was “Come On Over”. During a period when I didn’t feel stressed about anything else, I walked around London and its parks jotting my thoughts down on note pads before returning back home for evening recordings – as the song is about the end of a relationship, its significance cannot be overstated.

CLNL: Have you considered joining a band or have you always desired being solo artist?
FONX: My ideal is being solo but when producing music for live performance I keep in mind how best suited it will sound when produced together with band mates – sometimes they join me live!

CLNL: Who or what are your musical inspirations?
FONX: My inspirations range from John Mayer, Earth Wind & Fire, Anderson.Paak, Frank Ocean and Tame Impala but this list will always change as I continue listening to new music and being inspired by different people.

CLNL: When can we expect an album/EP release from Foxx? FONX: Absolutely, as soon as I release a few singles before starting to work on an EP and potentially an album in the near future – more music to come and I can’t wait to get back into the studio and record all this new material I’ve written!

CLNL: Was music part of your life while growing up, and what motivated you to pursue a musical career?
FONX: Growing up was always filled with music for me. My Mum was an experienced dancer so she enrolled me into classes when I was young – hip hop and break dancing was something I really loved doing! Additionally, as she always wanted to play guitar but never learnt how she put me onto learning early so one day maybe one day I could play for her! Additionally my father is a singer so there was always music playing throughout our house from Pat Metheny, Michael Franks, Al Jarreau or Earth Wind & Fire singers or Earth Wind & Fire singers among many other singers/artists!
Eminem played an instrumental role in my musical education and in encouraging me to start writing lyrics at an earlier age.

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