An Interview with River Matthews

An Interview with River Matthews

Hello guys! Time for another interview. River Matthews has an incredible voice, and has recently been touring with Rag ‘n’ Bone Man on his recent tour, while also giving an outstanding performance at The Great Escape festival. I recently fell in love with his four track Sunshine EP which was recently featured in Elementary Season 6! One song called Light the Way even made its way onto an episode! Check out my little interview below as well as stream it!

1. You’ve shared the stage with artists like Rag ‘n’ Bone Man and Coasts; can you elaborate on how these tours came about, how you were approached to tour with such high-profile acts, and the experience?
Yeah, it was truly an honour to open for him…he’s such an outstanding individual and his band are incredible. When recording at the studio he heard one of my songs that intrigued him so we played a quick thumb war to make our decision…he won but invited me on tour anyway – such a nice guy.

2. Your distinctive voice stands out among many musicians I listen to; I find your music quite captivating! Did your vocals inspire this genre of soul/folk music (it fits seamlessly) or did you seek other sources for musical inspiration?
Ah I’m delighted you enjoy the music! As someone who listens to and appreciates various styles, my voice and singing style have no doubt taken cues from all these influences over time – although they didn’t quite sound the same in school choir!
Voices that excite me most include those of Otis Reading, Nina Simone and Aretha Franklin…

3. What song have you written so far and why is your favorite one?
Right now I’m really pleased with how all the songs have come out, but my current favourite song is Bye Bye Bird from my forthcoming album. This tune was written in Wales in peace and quiet; writing it felt amazing right away; now when performing live it still gives me goosebumps!

4. I understand you worked as a musical therapist; can you elaborate? How did this come about, and what has its impact been on your life?
My career involved teaching guitar at a special needs school for several years, eventually moving into student development through music therapy and self esteem boosting for its students. Working there had an incredible positive impact on my own life as it helped teach me just how much of our attention as adults goes to mindless bullsh*t! Kids teach us so much! One lesson being just how much nonsense we take seriously!

5. I’m absolutely in awe of your Sunshine EP, especially Undo Ordinary and Roxette’s It Must Have Been Love cover which you did so movingly. What made you cover that song?
Thanks you so much! It came from hearing it on the radio or something and then just messing around with some chords when it started flowing out and I thought, yeah that sounds alright!

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