Stay With Me: A Q&A Session

Stay With Me: A Q&A Session

Hello there! One of my favorite aspects of having this blog is interviewing new acts. Today I want to introduce Polish Pop/Indie Rock band Stay With Me; members include Artur Zurawik on Vocals/Guitar/Piano/Electronics etc and Kirill Oriekhov on Drums, Percussion & Electronics respectively – they released their debut EP Cloud Walker earlier this month!

1. Congratulations on releasing Cloud Walker! Can you describe the writing process and inspiration behind it? Kiril (Drums, Percussion & Electronics): Artur is best qualified to describe it; he was involved throughout.
Artur (Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Electronics and Piano): My writing process was unique for many different reasons. As I wanted to start something fresh and new, but couldn’t find anyone willing to play with me, I told myself “Okay, you can do it”. And began recording ideas. After about one month I had 10 songs written with guitars, lyrics written, bass drums added, bass drums added later and everything recorded live from my bedroom (laughs). Marcin Bytnar provided me with invaluable help with bass parts. He taught me much about playing bass harmonies, as well as general playing technique. Vocals were recorded at “SoundProve” studio and they did the mixing process. Kiril and I instantly connected during this process and he had an immense influence on that EP as a result. At first I didn’t expect anyone would enjoy listening to my songs, but the response has been incredible! Cloud Walker contains slow songs, faster ones and electronica tracks; I view it as a demo for our debut album as we both have crazy ideas that we share, so when that finally drops you’ll be treated to this electronic pop rock in its full glory! However, Cloud Walker stands on its own merit and I wouldn’t change anything, making for the ideal starting point and now knowing where we can take things further as duos.

2. What track from your EP are your favourite and why? -Kiril: My favourite tracks would have to be “Gossip in The Stars” and “Frozen Pictures”, simply due to all those drums (no pun intended!) they contain. These songs have an incredible energy and groove which immediately “hooked” me – exactly what I need from music!

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