A Conversation with AMERY

A Conversation with AMERY

Belgian 21-year-old pop/rnb artist AMERY first caught my attention after hearing his debut single, So Good. Now with another single release – I Need Lovin’ – it was hard not to want to know more. So, I managed to ask some questions of him and found out his favorite artists include Rihanna and Michael Jackson! Below you can read more about AMERY’s musical influences, favourite albums and much more!

CLNL: Congratulations on releasing your brand new single “I Need Lovin’.” Can you talk us through the recording and writing processes involved, as well as your source of inspiration?
A: Our search was for the ideal song to follow So Good and provide a similar narrative arc – while also surpassing my debut single! My producer James Lowland began playing his guitar and soon enough I had an idea for an instrumental. Once that idea had materialized, James started writing lyrics that quickly came together with me saying: “There is this girl I met the other day”, to which I immediately responded with: “She had that something I couldn’t turn away”. Everything flowed naturally over the following several weeks!

CLNL: I detect some Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake influences in this song. Are these artists among your musical inspirations?
A: Since childhood, Michael Jackson’s music has been one of my go-tos! Since 2005, Justin Timberlake’s career has also been an idol to me; I find we share similar musical tastes which isn’t surprising as MJ is also one of his idols! Additionally, I have watched some videos showing him working in the studio; what an absolute genius!

CLNL: Are there plans to release a music video for I Need Lovin’? A: Absolutely! Unfortunately I did not get to do it for So Good but would really love to add that extra something special for I Need Lovin’. It is very possible…

CLNL: Your music exudes positivity from So Good to I Need Lovin’. What would you describe your sound as and what do you hope people take away from listening to your songs?
A: My ultimate goal when writing songs is for people to feel happy. For my songs, I draw inspiration from 80’s tunes which were designed to lift spirits and promote happiness, such as those created during that era. That positive energy can only come through music! That is exactly how I want listeners of my songs to respond! To best describe my sound I would describe it as joyful!

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