An Interview with Matt LeGrand

An Interview with Matt LeGrand

Recently, Chicago-based pop artist Matt LeGrand released his infectious new single All Good. I was instantly drawn in, so I asked Matt some questions so we could all gain more insight into his background – like which song was his first written, when was his first album purchased, etc… Here is our interview below!

1. Congratulations on releasing All Good. Can you discuss the recording and writing processes involved, as well as any sources of inspiration behind this single?
A: Hello all! Thank you so much for coming and reading my interview, as well as thanking CaesarLiveNLoud for giving my work the attention it deserved. Creating my song came together seamlessly! I worked with an amazing team in Atlanta, Georgia – where most of my work currently is taking place – who invited us into their studio to listen to some songs written specifically for me and reviewed about ten tracks; none really stood out to us. As we were leaving, Patrick Collier (Producer of All Good) began playing an unexpected song out of nowhere, which caused us to stop in our tracks and go back into the studio to inquire. He told us it was something from his archives. Technically the song wasn’t created specifically for me but I was drawn to it nonetheless and now we are here with my first single in over two years – almost walked out too lol! While technically it wasn’t written for me personally, but rather came into being through circumstances in my own life where everything the lyrics said made perfect sense – something “All Good” seems to express. “All Good” speaks volumes to me of self love and care!

2. Is There Plans To Release A Music Video For This Song? A: To keep things as a surprise for our listeners, these questions always get my goat – but yes there will be something in store! Something exciting will soon arrive!

3. How would you describe your sound and what do you hope that listeners take away from your songs?
A: My sound can only really be described by other musicians describing or judging it, rather than me giving myself one. There are so many nuances we as artists create; categorizing us should never happen! Trying to describe my own sound can be hard – I love hearing how others describe or judge my work instead! However, playing music for others rather than myself brings great satisfaction as people connect my work to their lives in positive ways: love, positivity, happiness, light fun stillness honesty freedom are just a few things I value in life!

4. Can We Expect An Album Any Time Soon? (Wilson),
A: While an album might still be on my horizon, an EP release should come sooner!

5. Did music play an influential role in your childhood life and what inspired you to pursue a music career?
A: Music has always been part of my life, making it hard not to have some form of it around at any given time. Growing up listening to classic rock such as The Rolling Stones, U2 and Led Zepplin was my main form of enjoyment until later discovering punk rock as my style of choice – something which terrified me but ultimately convinced me it was the path forward lol. Since 11 years old it’s been my dream to work in music industry, and its truly exciting to now be a part of its ever-evolvement; an endless process with no boundaries for creativity or listening pleasure!

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