An Interview with Jordan Waller

An Interview with Jordan Waller

Hey guys! Last month Canadian singer Jordan Waller debuted the visuals for his brand new single Let You Down which I featured here on my blog. I really appreciated his music and was fortunate enough to ask him some questions so we could all get to know him better; we discussed his single, musical influences, and more – have a look below for more!

1. What inspired the song Let You Down?

After finishing our previous song ‘This Feeling’, this song became my personal goal to define my music’s future direction. For myself, my musical vision consisted of big pop choruses with guitar as its driving force; inspiration came from conversations between myself and a great friend about writing lyrics with Instagram as their central theme. Since I had just gone through an relationship that involved unnecessary tension caused by social media use, this idea sparked something personal within me; hence the creation of Let You Down’.

2. Of all of the songs you’ve written so far, which one is your favorite and why?

My song tentatively entitled ‘Falling’ has such an enjoyable feel to it; its medium tempo and simple lyrics lend themselves perfectly to its upbeat music and the bridge of the song features a rap verse for extra flavor! Excited to release it!

3. What can fans anticipate from your debut album?

As far as songs go, listeners can expect a wide variety of pop songs that won’t sound the same on this album. I don’t want to reveal too much but expect songs focused around love and finding yourself through various avenues – don’t want to give away too much!

4. Was music part of your childhood experience and what prompted you to pursue a music career?

At 6 years old I hated music – my family would get in the car with us and turn on the radio; then when my sister and I tried listening together we would scream until it went off again haha. But in grade 1, I began taking drum lessons, then switched over to guitar after one year – it has always been something I loved doing and came back to. Music has been one constant presence in my life and something I always return to. As my bands disbanded and people around me went in different directions with their lives, it dawned upon me that music would remain my passion – so as they sought other paths I decided that music would become my career choice and began my path to become a pop artist.

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